Episode 5 | Pay the Invoice

Trying to build a business is like trying to climb a mountain that you've never climbed before. As a result your muscles are bound to get sore, you're bound to start doubting yourself, and you will hit obstacles that will make you question it all. Cat challenges the participants to face rejection by getting them to walk into local businesses offering their services and the Director of Chemistry Interaction opens the doors of his large agency to take the crew behind what it takes to succeed in the space. As you watch the episode, pay close attention to the language of the participants, and how their description of their climb can be used to describe the entrepreneurial journey

Episodes ( Season One )


Cat Howell

Taking on the challenge, Cat mentors the crew over the eight week period.

Amanda Perry

Amanda faces doubts on the back of bankruptcy and having to rebuild everything.

Lewis Lindsay

Ex-pro footballer says goodbye to one chapter and begins a new one in the agency space.

Ghada Vanderpool

Ghada struggles to juggle the demands of a busy household and her business.

Cole LaJeunesse

The youngest participant proves that age is but a number.

Derek Stroh

Don't let Derek's goofy nature fool you, he's a born entrepreneur with the grits to see it through

Jake Wright

The free-spirit works towards building a life that will give him the freedom to adventure.

Sha Brown

Leaving a three year old behind, Sha paves the way for her daughter in her strength